Garlaban Lumiere Nature Oti AubagneGarlaban Lumiere Nature Oti Aubagne
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In this guide, the Pays d’Aubagne et de l’Étoile offers you 12 walking routes starting from
the towns of Aubagne, Allauch, Roquevaire and La Destrousse.



The majestic Garlaban peak (714 m), which rises above the city of Aubagne and the Huveaune valley, is a must-see. It was once a landmark for the Phoenicians sailing into the bay of Marseille.

But if Garlaban has become famous, it is thanks to Marcel Pagnol, who featured it in his writings. Garlaban is also a mountain, the many caves of which were home to sedentary tribes who lived from hunting in the large forests that covered it and perhaps also from fishing, as it is not unreasonable to think that its large valleys were tributaries of the Huveaune.

12 Routes

that will lead you to exploring this mountain range, its wonderful panoramic views and will enable you to relive some of those childhood memories in the eyes of our local child:

1. La ferme d’Angèle et Aubignane : 10,1 km (3h15),
2. La grotte de Manon : 9,6 km (3h15),
3. Le Garlaban : 12,3 km (4h15),
4. Garlaban et Taoumé : 18,3 km (6h15),
5. Le Taoumé : 13,4 km (4h45),
6. La Parloire : 11,2 km (3h50),
7. La Baume Sourne : 14,7 km (5h15),
8. Le balcon des Tourdes et la corniche du Grand Vallon : 10,1 km (3h45),
9. Capiens – Le Col du Marseillais : 10,1 km (3h45),
10. Le Mont du Marseillais : 11,9 km (4h15),
11. Les Gravures de Douard : 8,2 km (2h45),
12. Les Grands Ubacs : 16,2 km (5h00).