Cretes Panorama Arbres Garlaban Massif De L'etoile Nature Oti AubagneCretes Panorama Arbres Garlaban Massif De L'etoile Nature Oti Aubagne
©Cretes Panorama Arbres Garlaban Massif De L'etoile Nature Oti Aubagne|JPVallorani



Dive into Marcel Pagnol’s world by visiting the city of Aubagne and the Garlaban hills, where the author drew his inspiration to write his most beautiful works, such as Manon des sources. Discover Pagnol’s childhood and follow in his footsteps by visiting the places that marked his life, such as the garrigue and the village of La Treille.

On the page dedicated to Marcel Pagnol of the Pays d’Aubagne tourist office, you will find all the information you need to explore this emblematic region of Provence, imbued with the author’s spirit. Let yourself be transported by the poetry and authenticity of this sunny land and make your childhood dreams come true by visiting the places that inspired one of the greatest French artists of the 20th century.

Walk in his footsteps, breathe in his memories or walk through the garrigue like one of his famous characters. Aubagne en provence and the mountain chain Étoile will make you relive his works and his life during your stay.


Linger a while in the store of the Petit Monde de Marcel Pagnol, to discover all the articles about the child of the hills. These works in paperback or revisited in comics, posters of great classics, or souvenirs… You will inevitably find an article for your grandchildren, your children and for yourself.