Celebrate Camerone

At the Foreign Legion's Headquarters

Every year on April 30 and May 1,
the Headquarters of the Foreign Legion in Aubagne, open their doors for
the official ceremony and the Camerone fair.

The Battle of Camerone pitted a company of the Foreign Legion against Mexican troops during
the French expedition to Mexico (1863-1867).

On the evening of an epic struggle, short of ammunition, the last six legionnaires bayoneted the Mexican troops.

They started less than 60,
against a whole army.
Outnumbered, they were crushed.
Life rather than courage abandoned
these French soldiers
on April 30, 1863.

The official ceremony

The anniversary of the battle of April 30, 1863, is solemnly celebrated wherever there are legionnaires.

At the Foreign Legion Headquarters in Aubagne, 10,000 guests attend the commemoration ceremony each year.

Only people with a name card can attend the taking of arms.

The Fair

Traditionally, after the taking of arms, the Viénot Quarter opens its doors to the public.

Guests, as well as visitors, have free access to the Kermesse de Camerone.

Please note :

On April 30, in the early morning, traffic on the outskirts of Aubagne and in the city center would be disturbed.

For people with an invitation card, given the expected crowds that day, it is highly advised to show at the reception desk in the Viénot Quarter before 9am.