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The Donkeys

Of the Font de Mai

Walking tours, with a donkey, starting from the Domaine de la Font de Mai!

A natural haven just a stone’s throw from the center of Aubagne, this estate offers an enchanting setting for contemplating the natural wonders of our heritage in all seasons.



Have your kids appreciate hillwalking, thanks to a large choice of donkey rides. François JEAN welcomes you on the domain.

Donkey rental will allow you to appreciate the joy of hiking, even with your little ones!

Know and value your environment, to protect it better.

Rental :

  • Donkey ride (children under 40kg),
  • Hiking with a donkey.

Donkey rental only with prior reservation.

Rental possible subject to compliance with sanitary rules and barrier gestures on site. Reservations are open unless otherwise stated by the government.

Rental rates:

short ride of 15/20 min : 10€
an hour : 15€
half day : 35€

Activities :

  • Introduction to driving a donkey, birthday parties, school groups,
  • Animal mediation:
    • Suitable for people with disabilities (PDD, autism, associated disorders…)
    • Private or group sessions for individuals and/or specialized institutions.