Headquarters of the Foreign Legion

Quartier Vienot

Since 1962, Aubagne welcome the headquarters of this famous elite corps.

Legio Patria Nostra

The 1st Foreign Legion Regiment, as well as the Foreign Legion Command, are located in the Viénot quarter in Aubagne, commonly known as the “Headquarters”.

This expression, inherited from Sidi-Bel-Abbès, comes from the key role played by the regiment in preserving their traditions.

Created in 1841 and posted in Aubagne since 1962, the 1st RE (Foreign Regiment) is the oldest of the Legion’s Corps.

Beyond this historical aspect, the 1st RE accounts for the major step in a legionnaire’s career. His career starts there, at the Selection and Induction Center, and returns there at the end of the training.

Music of the Foreign Legion

Created in 1831, the Foreign Legion Music Band has kept its traditional instruments, including fifes and drums.

It offers a diverse register, mixing traditional marches, opera arias, overtures or medleys.

The band gathers 65 musicians and offers 70 performances per year in France and abroad, including 15 concerts.

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