Museum of the Foreign Legion

of the Foreign Legion

The Foreign Legion Museum retraces the history of the Foreign Legion since its creation: weapons, uniforms, trophies from 1831 to today.

The Museum

In the Hall of Honour, two showcases are dedicated to the founders of the Legion: King Louis Philippe and General Rollet.
The showcases in the “campaigns room” retrace all the campaigns the Legion participated in.

In this 1200 m² museum, discover a modern, innovative and educational museography dedicated to the history of this unique military corps:
memories of the Legion’s founders, pictures, portraits, weapons, photos, miscellaneous items etc

Temporary exhibitions

The Foreign Legion Museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.

Find the temporary exhibitions of the museum on the page “Ideas for outings”.

Access and informations

Find the schedules, practical information and the access map to the museum:

The Foreign Legion

in the Pays d'Aubagne et de l'Étoile