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From Aubagne to La Treille

In the footsteps of Pagnol

A journey to discover Marcel Pagnol’s childhood and life.



Marcel Pagnol was born “In the city of Aubagne, at the foothills of Garlaban, crowned with goats, at the time of the last goatherds”.

On Thursday, February 28, 1895, around 5 p.m., “little Marcel” opened his eyes on the third floor at 16, Cours Barthélemy.

It was in front of his birthplace, now a museum, that he learned to walk and would remember his father, accompanied by giants, who played “la longue” (Provençal game) on the Cours Foch.

On the heights of the old town of Aubagne, as a final touch to your journey of history and clay work, you can discover a universe of more than 200 santons paying tribute to the literary and cinematographic creation of Marcel Pagnol.

Le Petit Monde de Marcel Pagnol, a fun and lively heritage museum, invites you to uncover this exceptional universe that he left us.

On the road to La Treille…

My Mother’s Castle

On your way to the village La Treille, you will come across elements of Pagnol’s life and work:  on both sides of the road, you can see the gates of the famous canal, not far from the castle he mentioned in his childhood memories.

Known as “My Mother’s Castle”, Marcel Pagnol’s story is intimately linked to that of the Château de la Buzine.

When he was young, Marcel Pagnol used to cut across the park in secret on his way to Bastide Neuve. Later, in 1941, he purchased it to turn it into his own “City of Cinema” and nowadays, the castle has been transformed into the “House of Cinematography of the Mediterranean“.

The Château de la Buzine offers to discover the history of 7th Art, from its beginnings to the successful digital era, the universe of our local child Marcel, as well as temporary exhibitions.

Further along your holiday route, you will pass by the Bar-Tabac de la Source, known as “Bar des Quatre Saisons”, a place where François and the Pagnol family used to meet before getting to Bastide Neuve.

La Bastide Neuve

Childhood memories

In 1904, the “Bastide Neuve” adventure started for the Pagnol family.

Marcel, then 9 and a half years old, embarked on a memorable expedition to the hills of his childhood. In the small village of La Treille, Marcel would get to know and love nature.

Until 1910, Marcel Pagnol would find inspiration from these narrow streets and hills. Walking, together with this friend Lili des Bellons, through scrubland and pine forests that would later fuel his literary and cinematographic works.

Not far away from where he shot his films like “Le Cigalon” or from the fountain of “Manon des Sources”, just below the hills he made famous all over the world, Marcel Pagnol is now resting in the small cemetery of La Treille.




Guided and commented discovery of the main places dear to Marcel Pagnol: the birthplace, the village of La Treille, the fountain of Manon, the Pascaline and the Bellons path, the cemetery where Marcel Pagnol rests…

14h15-18h15 (In Summer : 15h-19h15)
Lieu : Aubagne
12€ by adulte / 9€ for children  (6 to 14 years old)

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Two books are on sale at the Tourist Office and at Marcel Pagnol’s Petit Monde:

  • In the footsteps of Marcel Pagnol,
  • Marcel Pagnol, Child of Aubagne and La Treille.