Buste et façade de la Maison natale de Marcel Pagnol - AubagneBuste et façade de la Maison natale de Marcel Pagnol - Aubagne
©Buste et façade de la Maison natale de Marcel Pagnol - Aubagne|LR OTI Aubagne

Marcel Pagnol’s birthplace

On 14 June 2003, Marcel Pagnol was born in this 19th century bourgeois house on Cours Barthélemy on 28 February 1895.

Marcel Pagnol’s family home

Aubagne is the birthplace of Marcel Pagnol (1895-1974), famous writer, filmmaker and academician whose works are studied at school by thousands of children.
The ground floor can be visited (130m ²), with two scenography areas: the recreation of the Pagnol family apartment (furniture and antiques), an exhibition space (photos, objects, letters) as well as a projection room (20 seats).

In this late 19th century apartment, everything has been designed for visitors to soak up the atmosphere and climate of Marcel Pagnol’s family home.

“The dining room, the room touching the cradle, the kitchen where Augustine bustled with happiness for the small family … His first sticks, the childish drafts of his future works, he has drawn them on the table in the dining room while Joseph corrected his students’ papers and Augustine sewed her men’s garments in the golden light of the beautiful pendant lamp. Across the years, these parts have become inhabited by their presence which is almost palpable and they welcome us gently today”

Excerpt from a letter by Jacqueline Pagnol for the inauguration on 14 June 2003

Portrait Maison Natale Marcel Pagnol Oti AubagnePortrait Maison Natale Marcel Pagnol Oti Aubagne
©Portrait Maison Natale Marcel Pagnol Oti Aubagne

Another memory of Aubagne is the game of boules under the plane trees of the Cours. My father, among other giants, made prodigious jumps, and threw an iron mass at unimaginable distances.

Marcel Pagnol - La Gloire de mon père

Visit and tariff

Guided tour of Marcel Pagnol’s birthplace

Normally, every Saturday* at 2:00 pm, the Maison Natale de Marcel Pagnol offers you a special welcome.
The place dedicated to the childhood of the writer-filmmaker is privatized for an hour for a commented visit

• Individual: €3
• Discounts:
– Groups* of 20+: €2 per person
– School groups* of 20+: €1 per person
– Students: €2 per person,
– Children of 5 – 12: €1.5 per person
– Free for children under 5

More Information

* For groups of over 20, please make a reservation at the Intermunicipal Tourist Office email: reservations@tourisme-paysdaubagne.fr

In the footstep

of Marcel Pagnol