Tonneau Maison Ferroni Oti AubagneTonneau Maison Ferroni Oti Aubagne
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Crafting high-quality and innovative spirits since 2012.


The Château des Creissauds is where Guillaume Ferroni has been developing and crafting high quality and innovative spirits since 2012, keeping always in mind his deep historical and geographical roots.

Rye whisky, Rum, Gin de Provence, vintage Pastis or liqueurs, are among the different creations of this bartender, distiller and historian.



Visites et ateliers en 2020

Tours of the production site:

Discovering the aromatic garden, visiting the maceration chamber, the rum cellar including the stills … and tasting in moderation.
Free visit

Pastis Workshop

What’s on: discovering of the aromatic garden, visiting of the maceration chamber, and pastis production workshop.

Visit “Local Craftsmen and producers ”

Visit of the “Maison Ferroni” and its range of spirits. A dive in local know-how!

The Series Of Ligths

Guillaume Ferroni also takes part in trainings and conferences about ancient spirits and cocktails.

As a passionate, Guillaume FERRONI reissues, under the name of “Series of Lights”, a collection of forgotten spirits from the 17th to 19th century: the Ratafia of Marseille, the Vespetro, the green water of Marseille, the Swedish Elixir…

It is a pleasure for him to share his products with as many people as possible!

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