Goat cheese from Le Rove

Cheeses with character!

The Cabro d’Or


Their herd of 80 goats roam the hills every day. La Cabro d’or produces farmhouse goat cheese and Rove Brousse cheese.

All year round, during their daily outings (about 5 to 6 hours), goats feed in the hills of the southern slope of the Sainte-Baume. The variety of flora that the animals ingest, as well as their rusticity, give this cheese a distinctive taste, a reflection of the terroir of our Provence.

Eager to develop a unique product in the respect of current standards, this business combines tradition and modernity. The farm is open to groups of children or adults for an educational, instructive or simply recreational visit.

Free visits of the farm are possible every morning.
Sale on the markets and at the farm

The Goats of the Beaume


Small goat farm on the heights of Roquevaire, the farm “les chèvres de la Beaume” is managed by Sébastien and Elodie GRAND. Goats are of Alpine, Provençal and Rove breeds. They graze on the foothills of the Garlaban, and in parks or tunnels at other times. Milking, as well as cheese processing, is done on site with the raw milk of goats (40 milking goats on average).